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Keeping you, your family and small business safe

Be Safe with Rob

What sets us apart?

The world is a place of wonder and beauty when we can control our day to day lives. Here at Safe With Rob, we plan to do just that, provide the services you can use to control your day to days.

With the pages and links hosted on this site you will be able to find the award winning services we provide such as the Family or Personal Legal Plans™Where you can have access to an attorney for consultation, letter writing and phone calls for your legal needs.

Our biggest safety net on this site is with the issues of Identity Theft.   I am a Certified Identity Risk Manager so I understand what really happens when you become a victim.  But more importantly is that we provide what I consider the best protection plan on the market and that’s the ID Shield  plan from Legalshield, These plans protects a person before, during and after they become a victim of Identity Theft.

Up to 300 hours of your own time and money to clear your self.  Or a low monthly membership that can provide your, your family with up to a $5MM Service Guarantee.

If you become a victim of identity theft while an IDShield member, we’ll spend up to $5 million using Kroll’s industry-leading licensed investigators to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to help recover and restore your identity to its pre-theft status.

Many times when someone becomes a victim of identity theft, they will normally also encounter legal issues as well
and access to an attorney may be critical.

By combining the ID Shield  with a Family or Personal Legal Plan™, that someone will have one of the most comprehensive safety plans available today from our secure site.

On the other hand. One of the beliefs I have is that you should know something about the law.   We are one of the proud sponsors of

How to Win in Court

No lawyer? Know how to win pro se! Paying a lawyer? Get what you’re paying for! Why risk losing?

This is the #1 step-by-step legal self-help course in the world … on the web since 1997!

Developed by a case-winning attorney for 29 years. This simplified course shows you how to win step-by-step.

State or federal, civil or criminal … any kind of case and how to use Evidence, forms, tactics, research, and legal references as tools to win your cases.

For more information see:

Have a small business that could use legal or consulting assistance?  Safe With Rob is a Certified Small Business Associate of Legalshield and GoSmallBiz. We believe every business should have access to legal coverage and every business should be able to afford it. With all the fine print and legalities of running a company today, legal protection is a necessity, and it can be affordable. From legal consultations and contract reviews to debt collection and more, we’ll help you and your business with any legal matter, big or small.

For more information on protecting your business see:

Among other services you will find on our site is the Survival and Politics Page that provide services, knowledge and good tips for being prepared and about political issues.

And last is our newest venture is the UAS or Unmanned Aerial Services. Need photos of your Real Estate projects, a structural or crop inspection, a community even photo for a web site or fund raiser! Then ask about the UAS.

We will attempt to keep you informed and updated with our different blogs and social postings.  We invite you to visit often and check out our postings.

Thank you;

Robert Taylor


Thank for visiting our site.


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